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SLEEP Performance, hormones and routine. 

September 27, 20232 min read

“Laugh & the world Laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone .”

Anthony Burgess, Inside Mr. Enderby

Sleep - Performance, Hormones & Routine:

Our brain and body require some amount of sleep so that it can perform the basic human functions. You know that feeling after a terrible nights sleep, where you feel like you can't even speak in normal sentences? That's a sign you're sleep deprived.

As a general rule, 7+ hours of sleep a night is what is required to properly recover, keep hormones regulated and maintain brain function.

When we finally do get some precious shut eye - the quality of what we get also dictates how we feel waking up the next day. The quality of sleep can be measured (there's a million apps for our phones, Whoop does a good sleep tracker), but understanding the stages of sleep and how we can help improve it, is one way to turbo charge your performance in the gym!

STAGE 1 - Light sleep

STAGE 2 - Transition from light sleep to deeper sleep. Your body temperature drops, breathing and heart rate slows, and your brain wave activity decreases.

STAGE 3 + 4 - This is where sleep gets progressively deeper. It's known as 'quiet sleep' because brain activity is minimal and your body movement is next to none.

REM Sleep - Rapid Eye Movement Sleep is still very deep sleep, but brain activity increases due to dreaming but your body is essentially paralyzed while this occurs.



Consistently 'under sleeping' can have huge impacts on your performance at the gym. Research has shown that under 7 hours of sleep a night can decrease the physical gains your would get from adequate recovery sleep - in fact, the hormones released when tired start to burn away muscle tissue!

Increased risk of injury and emotional instability also play a big part in your ability to back it up at the gym, day in, day out.


Because your brain needs at least 7 hours of down time a day, when it's overly active (when you don't get enough sleep) it releases certain hormones to try and 'protect' itself.

Conversely, that magical number of 7+ hours a night will actually increase the brains release of hormones that help us build muscle and savour all those gains from training!

Sleep Routine Tips:

  • Make sleep a priority! 7+ hours a night is crucial

  • Get up at the same time each day - avoid long weekend sleep ins

  • Air flow and cool temperature is best in the bedroom, 18 - 20 degrees research shows!

  • The darker, the better! Make your bedroom as dark as possible


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