505 Youth is a FUN way to get your child moving in various ways to improve their Confidence, co-ordination, agility, fitness and make new friends. 

Classes will vary each lesson and involve a mix of play based games, weightlifting techniques, simple gymnastics, running, rowing, skipping, bodyweight exercises and more.


3:20pm – 4:05pm Kettlebells - 5-8yrs  

Kettlebells is for our littlest CrossFitters. The class is a basic introduction to functional movement through fun and games. Classes are 45 minutes in length.

4:15pm – 5:00pm Barbells - 9-12 years

Barbells older children that are new to CrossFit can expect to learn and have fun in this 45 minute class. We will focus on Agility, Coordination, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Balance, Strength and Accuracy getting these kids ready for sport and life.

I love CrossFit because we have lots of fun, I have made lots of friends and I feel strong

Hayley - Future CrossFit Superstar

Our oldest son does the classes with us, our girls have done the youth program and now our littlest one is going outside of his comfort zone being on his own without his sisters doing the 505 youth program. Not only is it great for his confidence and self worth but he has also said that he has friends in the class and gets to make new friends. His favourite movements are burpees and air squats.

It’s such a proud parent moment to hear the kids talk about the movements and watch them push themselves and grow!

Bea loves showing me her muscles after CrossFit. I've seen so much improvement each session and I'm impressed by how dedicated she is.

Coach Amy does a great job keeping the kids motivated too. Bea can't wait to sign up to the next intake. It's a great family connector!